Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Dragoon. LL compatible class.

Another class today, also inspired by Final Fantasy. 
For the historically minded, yes, Dragoons are a form of cavalry. I kept the name to match the video game class.

This is intended for Labyrinth Lord/BX and compatible games. Modify as appropriate.

Prime requisite: DEX
Hit dice: As Fighter
Advances as: Fighter
Attacks as: Fighter
Saves as: Fighter
Weapons permitted: Single handed melee weapons using D4 and D6 for damage. Any polearm.
Armour permitted: All.
Magical items permitted: Any permitted to fighters and any utilizing lightning.

Zerian eyed the flying beast. Soaring over the party, scaly wings flapping in the wind, this was what her order trained for.
She leapt.

The Dragoon is an old order, dedicated to gods of lightning and wind. 
In ancient times, when monsters ruled the sky, the order rose to take back the sky and help forge the claim of man.

These warriors specialize in fighting aerial opponents.

Bolt strike:
When using a polearm and charging, Dragoons may leap towards the target. 
This leap negates any armour class penalties or damage increases that normally applies to enemy attacks against a charging character, ensures the Dragoon strikes first and increases damage by +1D6.

Only one bolt-strike can be done per battle and the Dragoon must begin the combat at least 20 feet from the enemy and have at least 10 feet of overhead space.

Affinity of storms:
When using any weapon, device or magical item that deals lightning or wind damage, any damage die that rolls a 1 is counted and rolled again.

Punish the defiant:
When battling any flying monster (defined as any non-natural animal), dragoons receive a +2 bonus to hit, +1 bonus to damage and may ignore all penalties due to uncertain or unsafe footing, balance or movement.

Fighting skills:
Dragoons use all Fighter combat options present in your rules. 
Any abilities or bonuses that are level dependent will be delayed by 1 level.

Upon reaching level 9, a Dragoon that establishes a fortress or keep on a mountain will attract 2D6 followers which will be Fighters, Paladins or other Dragoons. 
They will be level 1 with a level 3 Fighter leading them.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Freelancer. A LL compatible class

Long long time no see. Well, here you go.

Inspired by Final Fantasy 3, a new character class to try out.


Prime requisite: CHA
Hit dice: D6
Advances as: Thief
Attacks as: Fighter
Saves as: Thief
Weapons permitted: Any weapon that has a maximum damage total of 8.
Armour permitted: Leather, Chain, Shield
Magical items permitted: Any permitted to fighters or thieves.

Crawling through dank caves and decrepit labyrinths has taught you a wide range of skills.
Some adventurers insist on purity of purpose and the benefits of specialization but you'd rather have practical survival today than theoretical benefits tomorrow.

A light touch:
Starting at level 3, Freelancers receive the abilities of a thief 2 levels below their current level of experience.
Exceptions are Backstab (which they never acquire) and Lockpicking (which they receive at level 1, at their normal skill level).

A swift blow:
Freelancers make all attack rolls as if they were fighters, however they do not gain access to any Fighter specific combat options or skills.

If a rules option available to every character grants an increased bonus to a Fighter, the Freelancer does receive the increased benefit or bonus.

And a wave of the hand:
On even-numbered levels of experience (2, 4, 6 and so on), the Freelancer may select any one Magic User or Cleric first level spell.

The spell may be cast once per day. Freelancers do not keep a traditional spell-book and do not require memorization. 
They recover their spells as long as they receive at least 6 hours rest at night.

They cannot learn duplicates of the same spell. If a spell is reversible, each version is considered a separate, distinct spell.

Money troubles:
Nobody Freelances because they are independently wealthy.
At the end of each adventure, any money not spent or donated to a worthy NPC cause is reduced by 10% due to general frivolities and waste. 

Coming up in the world:
Freelancers may take hirelings and henchmen as any other character.
They may construct a castle or mansion at normal cost. Doing so at level 9 will attract 1D6 young level 2 Freelancers to act as followers.