Friday, 23 December 2016

Touch of Class: The Infiltrator

Didn't manage to beat the deadline, but I wanted to post this up regardless.

This article is free for everyone to steal, modify, copy, adapt or use wholesale in any and all OSR products or publications.
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This is intended for Labyrinth Lord/BX or compatible games.
All game stats are given in relation to the parent system, since things such as hit dice and attack rolls can vary by game.

Prime requisite: Dexterity.
Hit dice: As Thief.
Advances as: Thief.
Attacks as: Thief.
Saves as: Thief.
Weapons permitted: Single handed melee weapons. Short bow. Sling. Light crossbow.
Armour permitted: Leather but see below.
Magical items permitted: Any permitted to thieves and any item related to stealth, invisibility or concealment even if normally only permitted to a specific class.

As the guard patrol turned the corner, one of their number vanished into the shadows.
"Too easy" she whispered to herself as she scanned the courtyard for the way into the keep proper.

Infiltrators are a variant of the thief class, specializing in intrusion and stealth but lacking the more larcenous talents of their cousins.

Thief skills:
Infiltrators may Move Silent and Hide in Shadows as a Thief of the same level.
They add a special +10 bonus to their percentile chances in both abilities.
They may Climb Walls as a Thief of the same level.

An Infiltrator that is unseen may conduct an Ambush attack.
This receives a bonus to hit of +2 (+4 if using a ranged weapon) and inflicts double the normal damage.
If this attack kills the target, it is assumed to have been carried out completely silently.
If the attack hits but fails to kill the target, the target cannot cry out or raise the alarm until the end of the FOLLOWING combat round.

Disappear in a crowd:
Infiltrators have a base chance of 50% plus their Wisdom score and Experience Level to vanish in a crowd of at least 10 people.

This will hide the Infiltrator from all but the most thorough search of the crowd.

An Infiltrator spending at least 2 hours "casing" a location, whether through personal inspection, gathering information from locals or reading maps, will gain the ability to bypass any locked or barricaded obstacle on a D6 roll of 1-3.

Roll separately for each obstacle. Solutions may include slipping in along with a servant, bluffing a guard or slipping over a wall.

Upon reaching level 6, the Infiltrator can bring a single character along with them.