Monday, 3 October 2016

Valiant Fantasy: Visceral Combat rolls

When rolling for damage, two additional D6 are rolled.
These are only read to see if they roll a 6. Any other score is ignored and disregard.

For convenience of play, designate specific colours that are used only for the Visceral dice.
Once designated, these dice are not used for any other purpose.

We suggest Red for Injury and Black for Stun.

Injury die:
On a successful weapons hit, if the Injury die scores a 6, the target is Wounded.

A Wounded character must deduct 1 from all attack dice rolls.
If using miniatures in combat, subtract 1" from movement rates.

Multiple Wounds are cumulative.

After each days rest, roll a D6 for every Wound with a 6 indicating that the wound has healed.
Double the number of dice if resting in proper safe conditions with ample food and care.

Stun die:
On a successful weapons hit, if the Stun die scores a 6, the target is Stunned.

A Stunned character is unable to take any actions when they are next active.
They may move at half pace.

Stun is removed after the characters next action.

GM advice:
Visceral dice results are applied to all living creatures.
Undead do not suffer Stun but can be Wounded, representing physical damage hindering them.
Constructs cannot be Wounded but can be Stunned, representing the construct being staggered or knocked back.
Creatures without physical form are immune to both effects and will not inflict Wounds or Stun in return as their attacks rely on the draining of life force.

The GM may opt to make a particular monster resilient or immune to the effects at their discretion, for example if a significant size difference exists.

This system will make combat more dramatic and interesting, though it is not mandatory and can be omitted for simplicity.