Monday, 3 October 2016

Valiant Fantasy - Orcs.

An example of what a monster profile might look like.

The goal is to basically use the typical critters you get in any retro-clone rulebook but adapt them a bit, tweak some of the monster abilities and make things a bit more interesting.

I opted to start with an orc, since they're the most obvious critter.
The idea of these "expanded" profiles is to be a bit more in-depth since the monster list won't be terribly long.
As such, each monster that is included must make up some of the empty space by being a more detailed encounter.

They're also going to be set up to support a bit more tactical fiddling with miniature figures, though it won't really be a requirement.

This is focused just on rules, not on descriptions or fluff text, since I doubt anyone buys OSR games to read yet another explanation for what orcs look like or why they eat people.

Reaction Roll modifiers apply to a 2D6 roll, akin to the B/X D&D reaction roll.
Morale is a 2D6 roll.
This uses "level" instead of "hit dice" and gives a suggested hit point total (based on D6's).

Armour class: 6
Level: 1 - 3 HP.
Movement rate: 6". In caves, ignore 2" of terrain penalty per turn.
Attacks: 1
Damage: By weapon.
Typical group: 2D4. Add 1D4 in enemy territory.
Saving throws: As a level 1 Fighter. +2 to saving throws vs poison.
Morale: 6. Raise by +2 when facing Dwarves.
Reaction rolls: React at -2. If the group includes Dwarves, react at -3. Always hostile when facing Elves.

Scouts have AC 7 and may move at full pace and fire bows.

Elites have AC 4, 5 HP and +2 Morale. They receive a +1 attack bonus when attacking humanoid opponents.

Beefing up:
Any orc may be increased up to Level 3.
For each Level increase add +3 Hit Points and reduce Armour Class by 1.

Orcs are naturally craven and do not increase their Morale with Levels.