Sunday, 2 October 2016

Valiant Fantasy - The Fighter

Fighters are the mainstay of many adventuring parties, using skill at arms to overcome challenges.

Hit Points:
Fighters receive 1 additional Hit Point at every level of experience.

Weapons and armour: 
Fighters can employ all weapons and armour types they find.

Alignment and conduct:
Fighters can follow any alignment and are not subject to any limitations on their conduct.

Fighter characters do not typically take Skill Checks to do the following unless magic is involved:

*Repair and maintain weapons and armour.

*Evaluate weapons and armour.

From level 3:

*Evaluate military units.

From level 5:

*Evaluate fortifications.


At any level of experience:
When fighting Level 1 opponents, fighters may attack a number of times equal to their level of experience.
If using miniatures, all attacks must be directed at enemies in melee range. (within 1" on the tabletop)

If the party is in a prepared position, such as defending their camp, they may add +1 to all Initiative rolls if led by a Fighter.

Upon reaching level 3:
No penalty for unarmed combat.

Upon reaching level 5: 

A fighter engaging a humanoid enemy in single combat may attack one additional time per round, at the end of the combat round.

May determine magical properties of an examined weapon or piece of armour on a D6 roll of 5-6at

Upon reaching level 7:
Attack twice per round with all melee weapons.

All troops led receive +1 Morale.

Upon reaching level 9:
+1 bonus to all melee damage rolls.