Thursday, 29 September 2016

Valiant Fantasy - The Lure

When the hour is dark and hope is nearly lost, heroes have one option left:
The Lure.

A player may ask the GM for a Lure at any time and a GM may offer one at any time.

If accepted, the player receives one of the following bonuses:

*An attack strikes automatically and will inflict the maximum damage possible on the dice.

*A saving throw succeeds automatically and any negative effects (damage, penalties, duration) from a successful save will be cut in half.

*A Skill Check is bypassed.

Lures may be requested and offered after the dice have been rolled.

For each Lure accepted, the GM will note one Mishap for the character.

At any time in the campaign, the GM may "use up" a Mishap to do one of the following:

*Cause a successful attack roll, Skill Check or saving throw to fail.

*Add an unpleasant "reveal" or coincidence to a scene or encounter.

*Cause an Ally to be unavailable while in a particular location or encounter.

The party is ambushed by goblins. The GM uses a Lure mid-way through the fight that one of the goblins is Urzuk the Ravager, arch-nemesis of one of the heroes.

Moments to shine, moments to fail:
Mishaps cannot occur to a character during the same scene or encounter they obtained a Lure.

Time heals all wounds:
Over time, reckless behaviour tends to fade into memory.
If no Mishaps were triggered for a given player in a gaming session, erase one Mishap marker at the end of the session.

Don't rush in:
New groups may prefer to play without Lure's initially, while getting used to the new classes and races.
The Lure system adds a sort of barter system to the game mechanics, which will make the players more active in the storytelling.
Some GM's may prefer not to use such mechanics.