Thursday, 29 September 2016

Valiant Fantasy - Character creation

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Generating characters will require a bit of a more generous dice method than the typical 3D6, as our characters are expected to be the finer specimens of their particular species.

Ability scores
When rolling your ability scores, roll 3D6, but count all 1's as 2's instead.
For example a roll of 1, 3, 4 would give a score of 9, while a 1, 5, 6 would be a 13.

This means the lowest possible starting ability score is a 6.

Scores will use the B/X bonus system, meaning a 6-8 is a -1 penalty, 9-12 has no modifier, 13-15 is +1, 16-17 is +2 and 18 is +3.

Pick an edge
Each player may select an Edge for their character
This allows you to select one ability score where your modifier is raised by 1.
Do not modify your actual ability score, it remains the same.

For example, if you apply your Edge to a score of 10, you'd receive a +1 bonus but still have a 10.
Edges can bring a score to a potential +4 with GM permission.
For a lower-key game, Edges can only be used to gain a maximum of +3.

Hit Points
Starting at level 1, you will have 10 hit points, plus any bonuses from your Constitution modifier and character class.

Advancing to level 5 lets you raise your lowest Ability score by a single point.

At level 9, your character has fully come into their own: You may raise your then-lowest Ability score by a single point and assign a second Edge (which may not be in the score you picked at character creation).

If multiple scores are equally low, the player may choose.

My scores are ST 12, DE 14 (+1), CO 11, IN 8 (-1), WI 15 (+1), CH 14 (+1) at creation.

I put my Edge into Strength, giving me a 12 +1 score.

At level 5, my Intelligence of 8 will improve to a 9, removing my penalty.

At level 9, it will improve again to a 10, and I opt to also put an Edge in Dexterity, making it 14 +2.

Hit point improvement
Each level of experience gained will raise total Hit Points by 4, plus any class and race bonuses that the character is entitled to. 

Level cap
Characters reach their final level at 9.
There are no further experience levels.

As a result, non-human characters are not capped at particular experience level limits. Any character may progress to level 9. 

Hero alignments can be either Loyal, Focused or Survivor.

Loyal characters will do what they can do to support the group.
Focused characters are determined to achieve their objectives and being efficient.
Survivors are concerned with the well-being of themselves and their group.

A hero can be either Kind, Pragmatic or Ruthless.
Kind characters will try to minimize harm.
Pragmatic characters will try to avoid extremes.
Ruthless characters will do whatever is needed.

A typical healer might be a Kind Survivor while a character with a single-minded devotion might have a Ruthless Focus.