Monday, 18 April 2016

Freelancer. A LL compatible class

Long long time no see. Well, here you go.

Inspired by Final Fantasy 3, a new character class to try out.


Prime requisite: CHA
Hit dice: D6
Advances as: Thief
Attacks as: Fighter
Saves as: Thief
Weapons permitted: Any weapon that has a maximum damage total of 8.
Armour permitted: Leather, Chain, Shield
Magical items permitted: Any permitted to fighters or thieves.

Crawling through dank caves and decrepit labyrinths has taught you a wide range of skills.
Some adventurers insist on purity of purpose and the benefits of specialization but you'd rather have practical survival today than theoretical benefits tomorrow.

A light touch:
Starting at level 3, Freelancers receive the abilities of a thief 2 levels below their current level of experience.
Exceptions are Backstab (which they never acquire) and Lockpicking (which they receive at level 1, at their normal skill level).

A swift blow:
Freelancers make all attack rolls as if they were fighters, however they do not gain access to any Fighter specific combat options or skills.

If a rules option available to every character grants an increased bonus to a Fighter, the Freelancer does receive the increased benefit or bonus.

And a wave of the hand:
On even-numbered levels of experience (2, 4, 6 and so on), the Freelancer may select any one Magic User or Cleric first level spell.

The spell may be cast once per day. Freelancers do not keep a traditional spell-book and do not require memorization. 
They recover their spells as long as they receive at least 6 hours rest at night.

They cannot learn duplicates of the same spell. If a spell is reversible, each version is considered a separate, distinct spell.

Money troubles:
Nobody Freelances because they are independently wealthy.
At the end of each adventure, any money not spent or donated to a worthy NPC cause is reduced by 10% due to general frivolities and waste. 

Coming up in the world:
Freelancers may take hirelings and henchmen as any other character.
They may construct a castle or mansion at normal cost. Doing so at level 9 will attract 1D6 young level 2 Freelancers to act as followers.