Sunday, 20 April 2014

Three Alternate Thief skills for OSR and D&D characters.

After a bit of a break to deal with work, we are back with some options for Thief characters.

Essentially if you use these options, they will replace thief skills on a one-for-one basis. The player may select which skill to replace, and if the GM permits multiple of these to be used, multiple could be selected.

Note that backstabbing is considered a thief skill for the purpose of these rules, while thieves cant is not.

These have a bit of a combat focus, if you want your thief to get scrappier.

Knife throwing:
While a thief prefers keeping out of sight, occasionally a target must be disabled and doing so at a comfortable distance is always preferable.

A thief with this skill is able to throw daggers before any other character may act in the combat round (but after other characters able to magically strike first in the round) and receives a +2 bonus to attack rolls when throwing daggers.

If the thief conducts the attack from a place of concealment, they may throw an additional dagger in the first round, and receive a +1 damage bonus to each attack.

Deft avoidance:
The thief has practiced their reflexes and ability to dodge to perfection.
A thief with this skill receives a +2 bonus to their armour class against all incoming attacks they are aware of, as well as a +2 bonus to saving throws against attacks that can be physically evaded (the GM will have to judge each saving throw).

Lightning reflexes:
The only thing better than striking quickly is to be gone before the need to strike occurs at all.
In games using individual initiative, the thief may roll twice, picking the better result.
In games using group initiative, the thief may roll separately, and use their own result if it is better than the group.

Leave comments if you like these, have more ideas or would handle any of them differently.

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