Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Revised Commoner class

Today we go way back to one of the very first posts I ever did on here, namely the Commoner Class.

This is essentially the "peasant boy done good". Whereas others of his humble origin turned out to be great warriors, knights and wizards, he never managed to quite shake his roots.

Instead, he or she serves as a grounded backing against the other characters.

The original class was intended for Labyrinth Lord but the below version should work for most OSR games. As always, it is meant to plugged into pretty much any OSR or TSR-era D&D version.

Commoners are treated as Fighters for the purpose of attack rolls, saving throws, experience and levels and magical items. They use Constitution as their prime requisite.

Their weaponry is limited to simple, militia type of weapons, including clubs and maces, slings, daggers, spears and staves.
Converted tools may be used as well. The DM may elect to replace maces with simple axes or to remove 2 weapons from the list to add short bows.

Only leather armour is permitted until the character reaches level 5, upon which they may use shields and chain mail armour.

While they most resemble fighters, commoners are not actually warriors, and do not receive any special benefits that apply to warrior classes, such as stat bonuses dependent on class, multiple attacks or special weapon maneuvers.

A life of backbreaking labour will make you hard as the earth itself. On all even numbered experience levels (2, 4, 6 etc) add 1 additional hit point to your total.
In addition, when making saving throws against Death, Poison and any type of diseases, apply a +1 bonus to the dice throw.

Common Sense:
Sometimes a lack of appreciation for the finer things in life can keep you grounded in reality. Commoners receive a +2 bonus to saving throws against charm, hypnosis, fear and other mental manipulations or intrusions.

Just another commoner:
In a crowd of people, if the commoner attempts to fit in with the crowd, they have a 25% chance of being overlooked and ignored. This is increased to 35% if no visible weapons are carried.

Fools luck:
When you have neither swordsmanship, divine faith or deadly spells at your disposal, you need luck to survive.
Once per level of experience, a combat blow that would kill the Commoner will instead leave him or her unconscious. If not saved by fellow adventurers the character may still end up being eaten by monsters.
Luck cannot be "saved up" over multiple levels, but a Commoner that levels up without having used their luck receives a bonus of 1 additional hit point added to their total.

If the Commoner prepares the party's meals and has at least half an hour to do so, the player may roll 1D6. On a 1-2, they've managed to save 1 ration's worth of food.

This version changes the Cooking ability to be less clunky and adds a Luck ability to help our peasant hero get by in the big, grim world of fantasy adventures.

Let me know what you think in the comments. This will probably be the last character class for at least a little while.

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