Saturday, 21 December 2013

OSR By Night. Campaign ideas

While taking a little break to deal with work and life, I wanted to give you a few ideas for campaign styles you could use in an OSR By Night campaign.

Victorian era vampire hunters.
Military team attacked by werewolves in Afghanistan.
Surviving a zombie outbreak.
Elite unit containing paranormal threats.
Preventing a cult from awakening the great old ones.
Soviet agents trying to contain a paranormal experiment gone wrong.
Race to prevent the nazi's from finding Thor's hammer.
Fight the shadow war between the government and the alien infiltrators.
Find evidence on the supernatural and publish it, while avoiding The Man.
A race to find an ancient artefact before a rival treasure hunter does.

And many more.
There's a wealth of books, tv shows, movies and video games that deal with these types of topics. Don't be afraid to borrow, steal or even mix things up.