Saturday, 30 November 2013

OSR By Night. The Tech

When you need someone who understands machines, appreciates equipment and knows how to get a technical task done, you bring along a Tech.

Techs may use single handed melee weapons and basic firearms. They suffer a -1 attack penalty when using other, heavier or more complex weapons. 


Fix it up - Techs can repair damaged or broken equipment. The chance of repairing smaller items (hand held or carried equipment) is 40% plus Intelligence, Dexterity and Experience Level.
The GM will determine what spare parts are needed. Repairs are usually pretty quick (10 minutes or so).

Larger items, such as a vehicle component or equipment installed in a building will take about an hour, and has a base chance of 20% plus Intelligence, Dexterity and Experience Level.

It's custom! - Portable and carried equipment may be customized. This will not affect combat or skill chances, however it may permit combination equipment, hidden features and similar gadgeteering.
This generally takes about an hour and will require access to tools and spare parts, except for very basic jobs.

The chance of success is 30% plus Intelligence, Wisdom and Experience Level.

A failed attempt may be attempted again in 3 days. A successful attempt requires at least 7 days to refresh the Tech's creativity.

Improvised weaponry - A tech with access to a pile of debris, scrap metal or similar garbage can improvise 1D3 melee weapons. They will only hold up to one or two battles, but will act as a functional, one handed melee weapon during that time.

Just happened to have one - During an adventure, a tech may coincidentally turn out to have a small item in their pocket or backpack. The item must be small enough to carry in a pocket, it must not be a purpose-built weapon and it must be relatively simple and cheap.

The tech may use this ability up to 3 times per adventure. Uses are refreshed when the tech has time to spend either at home or at a location where the character can reasonably stock up on trinkets.

Note that the tech has no special ability to hide or conceal items from search or confiscation. This ability purely reflects that tech's tend to have all sorts of useful bits in their pockets, without having to write them all down.

Labour of love - Each tech may designate one weapon that has been in their possession for a long time as a "labour of love". This weapon receives a +1 bonus to attack rolls, but only when used by the tech.
It takes a month to grant this status to a new weapon, and only if the previous weapon has been lost.

It's gonna blow! - Tech's receive a +1 bonus to all saving throws related to explosions, gas and fires.