Tuesday, 26 November 2013

OSR By Night. The Scholar.

The dusty old university professor, the internet book worm that devours information, the manic obsessive that have been cataloguing and gathering information on every paranormal sighting in the past 50 years, these are all Scholars.

It should go without saying that this is a pulp fiction scholar, rather than a serious "realistic" class.

Hurting people is the job of someone else. Scholars suffer a -1 penalty to hit, when using single handed melee weapons or handguns. All bigger weapons will suffer a -3 penalty to hit. 


I know that! - Scholars are fountains of knowledge practical and esoteric. When needing information relating to history, archaeology, natural sciences or similar academia, the Scholar has a basic chance of 50% plus Intelligence, Wisdom and Experience Level of recalling the information needed.

I studied that on my travels - Scholars begin the game familiar with 3 additional languages and may add another at every third level of experience (3, 6, 9 and so forth)

Clarify of mind - When subjected to mental intrusions, manipulations or control, the scholar receives a +2 bonus to any saving throws. If no save is normally permitted, the scholar receives one at a -1 penalty.

I'm not mad! - If a scholar fails a sanity check, the character may still take rational actions for 1D6 rounds, before panic reactions kick in.

Obscure facts -  When encountering mysterious creatures, artifacts or items, the Scholar has a percentage chance equal to their level of experience plus Intelligence to have an insight. This will give the character information about the creatures origin, weaknesses, intentions or attack patterns.
The GM can decide what information to provide, but it should be useful or interesting.