Sunday, 17 November 2013

OSR By Night. Preliminary notes

OSR  By Night is an "Urban Fantasy".

What exactly does this entail?

It can be any of a number of things: Pulp adventurers unearthing things man was not meant to know. Alien infiltrators. Werewolves battling the undead in the streets of New York. Covert government agents fighting the zombie threat.

A mix of any number of novels and tv shows dealing with the supernatural and paranormal in the modern world, all powered by the OSR.

This will be a series of articles that will eventually (and hopefully) become a fully fledged game. It was consist of rules notes, a ton of character classes (I do love them), and various other talk.

It will be fairly "agnostic" in a lot of ways. My assumption is that you use something pretty close to "0 edition/Original" OSR rules. Modify as needed if you don't.
Likewise, I am assuming that weapon damage and hit points are both based on 1D6.

To get your feet wet, you can of course simply use things "as is". Start a game with fighters and thieves, arm them with modern gadgetry, and put them out in the world. Maybe they have to defend a building from a zombie horde, or maybe there's a flesh eating ghoul pack underneath the city streets.

Virtually any OSR compatible monster can be used "as is", or with slight tweaks to provide a threat in a By Night game. Need pre-historic degenerate human cave dwellers? Adopt the stats for hobgoblins or gnolls. A creeping horror, escaped from a genetics lab? Use the bugbear stats.

The same goes for any magic the players may be faced with.

For now, treat weapons as just doing 1D6. Equip the players fairly lightly. Handguns or an old hunting shotgun. Use combat and saving throws as normal, OSR style.
Saves vs Spells can also be applied against alien mind control and similar.

Tomorrow, we will take a look at weapons, combat and making things dead in the urban fantasy world.