Sunday, 24 November 2013

OSR By Night. The modern rogue.

Thieves, cat burglars and other shifty characters all fall into the Rogue class. If you need stuff done on the quiet, this is who you go to.

Rogues are skilled in single handed melee weapons, hand guns and other light firearms. They suffer a -2 penalty to hit with any other weapons.
The exception is a rogue firing a rifle, from an unobserved, prepared position. In such circumstances ("sniping"), no penalty applies.

Roguery - Rogues may attempt various tasks of pilfering and device manipulation such as lock picking. This is resolved as a percentile roll. The chance is 50% plus the Dexterity score and Experience Level of the rogue.

Fast talking - Rogues may attempt to fast talk a non player character. This comes down to rattling off information and excuses very rapidly, seeking to confuse and dazzle the recipient, usually to get past them or make good an escape. This won't help with a character that is ready to attack but can avoid or at least delay most dangerous situations.
The chance of success, as a percentile, is 30% plus the rogue's Charisma, Wisdom and Experience Levels.

Shank! - While a proper rogue avoids physical altercations, sometimes the situation is unavoidable. A rogue that attacks an unsuspecting or unprepared target receives a +2 bonus to attack, and a +2 bonus to damage.
This does not require the rogue to be unseen, but the attack has to be unexpected.

Streetwise - The streets are natural territory for rogues. To find a generic, useful non player character or location, the rogue has a percentile chance equal to 20+Intelligence+Wisdom+Experience Level.

Agility - Rogue's can accomplish most acts of climbing, sneaking and squeezing through tight spots, with the same chance as their chance at the Roguery skill.