Tuesday, 26 November 2013

OSR By Night - The Leader

A group can benefit from someone who understands the arts of motivating others, whether through charisma, careful study of psychology or simple bravado.

Note that the leader may not necessarily be the person making the decisions. The class refers more to the ability to inspire and motivate.

Leaders may use handguns, simple rifles as well as melee weapons without penalty.
Heavy weapons impose a -2 attack penalty.


The last mile - Each day, the leader can inspire battle worn comrades to push on. This permits the leader to heal up to 2 x Experience Level in lost hit points. The healing may be distributed over multiple characters and events, but the total in one day cannot exceed 2 x Experience Level.

Move! Move! Move! - Once per hour, the leader may push another character to succeed. This lets them add either a +2 to an ability score, +2 to a saving throw, +10% to a percentile roll or +2 to an attack roll.

Persuasion - When interacting with Non Player Characters, Leaders may influence the character to their favour. The chance of success is 30% plus Charisma, Intelligence, Wisdom and Experience Level.
This will generally not turn a hostile character friendly, but could turn them neutral, or make a neutral character friendly.

Natural leader - Leaders may have 2 additional henchmen over and beyond that permitted by their Charisma score, and all followers led by them receive a +1 bonus to all morale checks.

Stand firm - If henchmen are overcome by fear, the Leader may attempt a Charisma check. If it succeeds, the henchmen will not abandon the leader, instead remaining near and fighting defensively.
They will not act in an aggressive manner however.