Saturday, 23 November 2013

OSR By Night. The Brawler class

Characters who are primarily there to hurt people are brawlers. Whether a professional boxer, a hardened street fighter or a federal agent that strikes first and looks for evidence later, the brawler can be an essential asset to the adventuring party.

Fighting is of course what the brawler is all about. As such, brawlers may use any weapons they come across in their travels, though highly unfamiliar devices will require an hour of training (and spare ammunition if applicable) to avoid a -1 penalty to hit, due to lack of practice.

Talking with your fists - Brawlers are proficient at hand to hand combat. They receive a +1 bonus to all melee attack rolls, and may reroll any 1's rolled, when rolling damage or shock points for melee attacks.

Grit your teeth - Brawlers receive a +1 hit point bonus on every even level of experience (2, 4, 6 and so forth). Additionally, saving throws against poisons, diseases and exhaustion are taken with a +1 bonus.

Hauling ammo - Shooting people needs ammunition. Brawlers may carry 10% additional items without encumbrance penalties.

Not quite done - If reduced to 0, -1 or -2 hit points, the brawler immediately receives a free attack against a target in range, before succumbing to their injuries. If a blow reduces the brawler to less than -2 hit points in one blow, the massive damage prevents this skill from triggering.

Bull strength - Brawlers may attempt feats of strength or endurance that would be beyond a lesser character. Their chance of doing this is a percentage equal to the brawlers Strength, Constitution and Experience Level added together.