Tuesday, 28 May 2013

World history table

It's been pretty quiet here, since I've been neckdeep in trying to write Metal Rogue. A game revolving around random tables is hard work, as it turns out.

Here's an excerpt that is totally useful in any OSR game though

World history:
Whether using the Uncharted Lands setting, or a world that is completely new, you may want to establish a history to the world. You don't need to go too in-depth with year by year events, but you'll want to know a general outline of what happened to shape the world. For this reason, we offer a table of Past Events that you can use to flesh out the setting.
Roll up 4-6 events to establish a timeline. The events are pretty broad, and very open to interpretation.
The result you get is the dominant events of that age of history, what it is remembered for today. People may speak of it, it'll have influenced the landscape, social customs or attitudes, it may feature in figures of speech or architecture. Use the details to build up your world.
It is often advantageous to narrate what one event means, before rolling the next. This can easily be done as a group, giving the players a shared sense of investment in the game world.

World past events:
1-4 War
5-8 Age of prosperity
9-12 Cataclysm
13-16 Empire
17-21 Exploration
22-25 Monsters
26-29 Migration
30-35 Golden age
36-40 Arrivals
41-44 Gods among men
45-48 Realignment of land mass
49-52 Invasion
52-56 Barbarism
57-60 Enlightenment
61-64 Trade
65-68 Uprisings
69-72 Encounters
73-76 The dark
77-80 Rebirth
81-84 Prophet
85-88 Great builders
89-92 Rifts in reality
93-96 Power struggles

97-100 Rationality