Thursday, 2 May 2013

Unusual trade goods

Adventurers just reached a new town or village, and want to know what the worthwhile local goods are. Turns out, we have a chart for that!

This can be rolled on to determine what sort of goods the town is known for, with a (slight) lean towards things adventurers might find useful. The DM may determine whether these things have a mechanical benefit. If nothing else springs to mind, any time an item would normally break or spoil, give it a 2 in 6 chance of surviving.

A village or hamlet may have one item on the list, while a larger city could have 2-4 depending on size.

1: Food
2: Ale
3: Rope
4: Horses
5: Travelling clothes
6: Boots
7: Mirrors
8: Tools
9: Thieves gear
10: Paper
11: Lamp oil
12: Arrows
13: Travelling equipment
14: Cakes
15: Jewelry
16: Spices
17: Poetry
18: Trained small animals
19: Herbs
20: Drugs