Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Spells as abilities. Some examples

Continuing from the other days article on using spells as special abilities, I promised to provide some examples of what this might look like.

So, armed with my copy of "Basic Fantasy RPG" (But you can use pretty much any OSR game for this), here's some ways this could be used.

Note that what we are doing is using the broad spell effects as a starting base. So some of these examples may be further removed from the original spell than others. Do what you feel comfortable with.

A morale boosting speech by a chivalrous knight

Charm person
The persuasive (seductive?) abilities of a scoundrel swashbuckler

A dazzling attack of wit that leaves the target reeling and confused. (modify to hit only 1 target)

Create food
A woodmans ability to forage in the wild

Hold person
A wrestling move mastered by a bounty hunter (one target, and save is vs paralysis instead of spell)

Read languages
A scholar, well versed in arcane writings

The ancient crushing blow technique taught by followers of Thor.

These are just a few examples, many more could be created. Don't be afraid to tweak parameters of a spell to fit either. Change the targets, add conditions and so forth.