Friday, 26 April 2013

Random trivial dungeon loot

We've discussed unusual dungeon loot before but what if you need something altogether more mundane to spice up the caves?

Here's a table of mundane stuff to find in that treasure pile.

1: 3D6 feet of rope
2: 1D2 melee weapons
3: Suit of light armour
4: Shield
5: 3D6 projectiles
6: 1D6 rations of edible food
7: Wearable clothes
8: A book
9: 1D6 torches
10: a flask of oil
11: Set of thieves tools
12: Scrap metal
13: Cutlery
14: A map of somewhere well known
15: A letter to noone important
16: A few mining tools
17: A helmet
18: Some dice
19: Playing cards
20: Bags that used to hold something valuable