Sunday, 7 April 2013

Occupation table

If you need a random occupation for a character, this table will sort you out.
Note that there are plenty of such tables out there, and many are far more specific. If you want a table that goes into very specific details, you can use one of those, such as those in the Warhammer roleplaying game or the Dungeon Crawl Classics game.

This table is aimed at being slightly more generic and open to interpretation. It is perfectly suited for use when randomly generating a new adventure location or home base for the characters.
Note that this table is not weighted at all, giving an equal chance of each result. This reflects that out of the thousands of people in a metropolis, the relevant, interesting and important people could be any of the below, regardless of the relative rarity of that type of person.

1: Soldier, guard, man at arms
2: Menial worker, labourer
3: Craftsman, builder
4: Scribe, translator
5: Doctor, apothecary
6: Hunter, woodsman
7: Teacher, instructor
8: Administrator, official
9: Rogue, scoundrel
10: Beggar, impoverished
11: Servant, aide
12: Farmer, herder
13: Agitator, activist
14: Inventor, Engineer
15: Artist, poet
16: Drifter, vagabond
17: Explorer, scout
18: Merchant, trader
19: Priest, clergy
20: Roll again but result is only a cover identity.

If the character in question is not worthy of "player status", assume they have pretty much average stats, and a random alignment.
If a character is somewhat important, randomly determine one ability score where they are considered to be "good" (usually counting as a 14 in the relevant ability, enough to get a small bonus).