Monday, 1 April 2013

Monster elite tables

Need to spice up a combat encounter? Include a few monster elites.

This is intended mainly for groups of intelligent but otherwise ordinary enemies, such as orcs, gnolls and so forth. It can also be applied to humans and demihumans as well.
Simply designate a few of the encountered enemies as "elites" and roll or select below:
(Needless to say elites should carry better weaponry and equipment than their regular counterparts)

1: Brawler. +1 Hit Die, and inflicts +1 melee damage
2: Sharpshooter. +2 to hit with missile weapon
3: Motivator. While alive, group is +2 to morale (D20) or +1 (2D6)
4: Tank. +2 armour class and saving throws
5: Quick. +25% movement speed and strikes first
6: Rapid fire. Missile fire at double rate
7: Burly. All hit dice below a 5 is treated as a 5.
8: Unusual ability. Can cast a level 1 spell
9: Master fighter. Attack twice in melee
10: Berserker. +3 melee damage.