Thursday, 4 April 2013

Minor healing methods

For a low magic game, or one where healing is not routinely available, you may want to institute alternate methods of recovery for use during the adventure. A few examples are given here. Note that these are generally quite minor in effect, for more of a low-magic feel.

I've estimated costs for a campaign where money is somewhat limited in supply. For a more affluent game, costs could easily be doubled.
The DM can estimate chances to forage for ingredients in the wild.

Healing salve - 1 GP
A salve that can be applied to a cut, burn or bruise to speed up recovery and dull the pain.
This will store a single hit point and can be applied once per injury suffered.

Healing herbs - 5 GP
Rare herbal concoctions that accelerate recovery significantly. Individual treatments may be eaten, smeared, boiled into tea or otherwise applied, depending on the exact herb used.
Recovers 2 hit points and can be used repeatedly, but it cannot be applied during a battle.

Stout brew - 2 GP
A foul tasting brew that will bring anyone back on their feet. This will restore a character from any stun or unconsciousness, and will also recover 1 HP. Drinking more than one swig in a day will make the character uncontrollably ill.

Herbal antidotes - 10 GP
Rare anti-toxic herbal preparations. If taken before exposure to poison, they give a +2 bonus to saving throws for half an hour (3 turns).
If a character has already succumbed to the poison, it is likely too late, but taking a dose will give a 15% chance of reviving the character if applied within 10 minutes

Oil of recovery - 10 GP
Plant oils that can speed up recovery times. Each dose will reduce recovery time of an injury or physical condition by 12 hours (half a day)

Ideas? Feel free to add them in!