Friday, 5 April 2013

Loremaster. A LL compatible class

Lore master: (magic user)
Prime requisite: INT
Hit dice: D4
Advances as: Thief
Attacks as: Magic user
Saves as: Magic user
Weapons permitted: Staff, dagger
Armour permitted: none
Magical items permitted: Those permitted to all classes, plus scrolls.

Well, you see, these runes clearly indicates that the temple was built during the reign of the God of Eternal Torment. I would probably not open that sarcophagus”

The lore master is a man of knowledge and an intense, burning need to learn more about the world. While not comfortable in the rough and tumble of melee, they can be quite invaluable afterwards.

Read languages: Lore masters may decipher foreign or ancient languages 25% of the time. Test the first time the language is encountered, and if successful, the character may add it to his character sheet. Languages that have been encountered but are unknown may be acquired later (5% chance whenever a level of experience is gained)

I read it in a book: When examining a magical item, may identify the item with a % roll. Chance is Intelligence score plus experience level.

I didn't just study biology: Lore masters may cast spells from magic user scrolls, provided a magic user of the same level would have been able to cast the spell. Failure chance is 10%, in which case the spell simply fizzles.

Lore best forgotten: When encountered an unknown monster, on a D6 roll of 1-2, the lore master can determine one ability, immunity or vulnerability of the monster.

No one ever died from reading: Lore masters are completely immune to negative effects of written magical items, such as manuals or cursed scrolls.