Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Humanoid wilderness encounter tables

Your party has encountered a group of humanoids in the wilderness. But why are they there?
If you want help or some unpredictability, these tables are for you!
Note that these tend to indicate a larger group of humanoids, compared to a small, wandering monster grouping (for such, you can use this table. )
If you have determined that an encounter will occur, and that it is an intelligent, humanoid type, you can use the roll on this table to guide the numbers appearing)

1: Travelling group, camped
2: Mining or construction crew
3: War party
4: Remnants of a battle
5: Camp site, fortified
6: Camp site, temporary
7: Hunting party
8: Battle in progress (1: rival tribe, 2: humanoids, 3: demihumans 4: monster, 5-6: humans)
9: Village, ramshackle
10: Village, captured
11: Village, entrenched
12: Fortification
13: Nomadic group
14: Renegades from own leader
15: Ambush
16: Slavers
17: Carrying loot
18: Raiding party
19: In-fighting
20: Warlord and guards