Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Examples: 3 random home cultures

We have three characters in our party:

Thorgrim the Fighter, Assil the Dwarf and Ilnor the Hobbit.

We will generate a home culture for each of them, using the generator found here

For Thorgrim, we get the home culture attributes of:
Assigned family structure, Law by consensus, labour economy and communist politics. Religion is hero based
Sounds like a pretty planned society, maybe centered around warrior heroes. Children are placed in families where the soiety has a need currently, with some families focusing on raising soldiers and others on various types of labourers.
Coming from such a background, Thorgrim is a product of being raised to be a warrior. He has a strong communal instinct and tends to view the success of the adventuring party as integral to his own satisfaction.
Thorgrim's player selects a Lawful alignment. To reflect his upbringing, the DM decides to give him a free suit of plate armour to start the game, as a gift from his "parents".
He'll also be able to grant his henchmen +1 to morale.

For Assil, we roll: TIght knit family, Limited law, Pantheon, tribute based economy and feudal politics.
Assil's player decides to view this as your typical feudal medieval society, except it's a dwarven one. Dwarven knights riding ponies serve their lords, with frequent raids on nearby cultures to extract wealth from them. He decides that Assil is an outcast from that, who was sent out in the world by his family after an incident with a nobles son.
The player elects a Chaotic alignment, Assil is a "young" dwarf and rebelling against his family structures. The DM gives him the ability to open locks like a first level thief, even though dwarves don't normally have this ability.

For our brave hobbit, we get: Random family structure, limited laws, Celestial religion, tribute based economy and council politics. Sounds like a fairly laid back culture of medieval hippies for the most part. People drift in and out of relationships with "family" being more or less who you happen to live with at that particular moment. Many hobbits drift away and go explore the world, guiding by their gods, the stars, always visible to them above their heads.
Despite their relaxed ways, the hobbits have also managed to secure many outside lands through trade, deception or in a few cases, displays of force and subsist mainly on rents paid by those occupying the lands. this has earned them somewhat of a bad reputation amongst humans.

A neutral alignment seem fine here, and the DM gives him 100 starting gold extra. The character also receives the ability to cook particularly well (doubling the people that can be fed from any rations) to represent his carefree lifestyle

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