Monday, 15 April 2013

City Guard generators

As requested by Alfons Holzli

Most cities will have some sort of guard or watch protecting the place, keeping monsters at bay and ensuring ruffians don't get out of hand. The tables below can be used to determine the details of the city guard.
You can use as many or as few of these tables as you feel is needed.

Guard numerical strength: (relative to population size)
1: Very few guards
2: Few guards
3: Normal guard strength
4: Strong guard strength
5: Everyone is in militia
6: Few guards but can call on reinforcements

Guard training and quality:
1: Rabble
2: Untrained militia
3: Limited training
4: Well trained
5: Battle hardened
6: Ex-adventurers

Guard equipment:
1: Cudgels and staves
2: Spears and shields
3: Hand weapons and mail
4: as above plus crossbows
5: as above plus light cavalry
6: as above plus Heavy cavalry

Guard integrity:
1: Corrupt
2: Cowardly
3: Criminal
4: Disinterested
5: Vigilant
6: Heroic