Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Campaign location generator

These tables can be used once you have a reasonable map of the immediate game area, but want to populate it with interesting locations.
In campaign terms a "location" is an area that has something interesting about it.

The initial location is always a "home base" such as a village, border keep or town.

Divide your map up in a number of roughly equal-sized areas, and roll on the below tables for each of them.
How many areas you draw depends mainly on how big and long-spanning a campaign you want to play in.

Note that these are basically just keywords for the region. Just because you don't roll any dungeons, doesn't mean there aren't dungeons. It just means they're not generally known, are hard to locate or are insignificant in relevance to other factors.

If the characters are given a task or subquest, there is a 3 in 6 chance, it will be in a location other than the one the character or faction is in.
A quest will always take place in another location.

Type of adventure location in area:
1: Cave complex (1-2 levels)
2: Dungeon (3-5 levels)
3: Dungeon (6-10 levels)
4: Dungeon (11-20 levels)
5: Village
6: Town
7: City
8: Trading post
9: Mine
10: Natural resource
11: Ruined city
12: Fortress
13: Ruined fortress
14: Magical area
15: Monster infestation
16: Unexplored
17: Wilderness
18: Holy ground
19: Wasteland
20: Unnatural region

If you want a particularly rich or busy map, give each area a 2 in 6 chance of having a second location.