Friday, 26 April 2013

A non hit point combat system, early draft

At the moment, this is mostly of interest to combat between humanoid combatants, but I wanted to put it down on paper tonight, since I may not get a chance to post tomorrow.

When a hit is scored, roll to determine the location hit:
1: Right leg
2: Left leg
3: Right arm
4: Left arm
5: Torso
6: Head

Also roll for the severity of the hit:
1: Scratch
2: Pain
3: Shock
4: Wound
5: Injury
6: Critical

A scratch fundamentally has no effect on the character, other than roughing him up a little.
Pain results in a -2 penalty on attacks and defense rolls (1D6 rounds to recover)
Shock means the location is out of action for 1 round. This causes a weapon to be dropped (arm), the character to fall (leg), a stun (torso) or knocked flat (head).
After recovering from the shock, the character is in pain for 1D3 rounds.
A wound inflicts significant damage, causing the character to be physically impaired. Each wound requires a Constitution test to continue fighting.
An injury generally incapacitates the location struck, and requires a Constitution test at half chance to continue fighting.
Critical damage will slay a character if struck to the head or torso, or cripple/destroy a limb.

After a fight, grab a handful of dice, 1 per wound, 3 per injury. If any 6's are rolled, the character is in serious condition and will need medical attention within a few hours.

At the moment, armour, weapons etc are not factored in. We'll get there!
What do you think? Nuts? Awesome? Let me know!