Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A few examples of do-it-yourself races

Mostly with an eye towards OD&D style games where you can leave the rules a bit more abstract:

Cave orcs:
Excellent sense of smell (can track 40% of time)
Resistant to poisons (+2 to saving throws)
Can eat rotten food.

Can be fighting men (orcs) and thieves.

Lizard men:
Scaly skin (count as leather armour)
Can claw for same damage as a dagger
Excellent swimmer

Can be fighting men, thieves or cleric (shaman)

Intelligent wolves:
Fast movement
Can track 60% of the time.
Bite for same damage as a spear

Can be rangers, druids and fighting men.

Kal-Ang Rockmen:
Resistant to blunt weapon damage (half damage)
Very slow (half speed movement)
Immune to fire and poisons

Northern horse tribe culture:
+1 to hit with bows
Stealthy in natural surroundings
Can forage for food while travelling