Saturday, 20 April 2013

20 plots for Fantasy Europe

So you're in the middle of Europe, around the time of the crusades and holy wars. But..what does an aspiring OSR player actually /do/ there?

Here's a few ideas to get you started:

1: Lead a group of knights following the one true god, into heathen territory to kill an enemy leader
2: Ambush infidel knights as they maraud your homeland
3: A demon worshipping cult has been terrorizing the peasants, and are close to summoning a demon
4: Conflict between one true god-believers and those who follow the old ways
5: Strange travellers from the far east speak of an unspeakable horror awakening
6: A heretic group has assassinated a religious leader and the city is thrown into turmoil
7: The peasants are refusing to harvest until the "evil spirits" have been purged from their lands
8: After a battle, the scavengers uncover what seems to be an ancient temple
9: A prince went into the woods to hunt, and the elves took him
10: The few survivors of a battle come to their senses deep in troll country, and must settle their differences
11: During a visit to the far north, you find pre-human creatures lurking in the hills
12: A dying monk tells of a splinter of the one true cross... in enemy hands
13: Two opposing religious leaders are threatening to destroy the entire region with their fanatic wars
14: A fearsome shapeshifter has been spotted in the streets
15: Peasant uprising!
16: A new sect has sprung up, and the religious hierarchy is moving in to suppress them
17: A fugitive criminal has sought refuge in the caves underneath the city
18: The order of holy warriors has a heretic in their midst, who have been performing unholy rites
19: The sorcerer holds the peasant village as hypnotized slaves
20: The end of days is near, and the forces of law and chaos are arraying their troops