Sunday, 21 April 2013

20 OSR urban fantasy plots

What is this? Urban Fantasy OSR? Things to come? Scattered ideas? Pipedream? Who knows!

1: An inherited mansion haunted by ghosts
2: A gang of werewolves in the decayed urban jungle
3: A prehistoric horror in a mine shaft
4: Ghouls stalking a platoon of soldiers in Afghanistan
5: FBI agents investigating a cult of demon worshippers
6: A war between faeries in rural Scotland
7: Hackers uncover an alien infiltration conspiracy
8: A vampire controls a rival mob gang
9: Vampire hunters in the Soviet Union
10: Lizardmen in the subway tunnels
11: Police chasing an invisible man
12: A submarine found something in the deep that took over the crew
13: A pre-human tribe discovered in the Amazon
14: The God of Madness is waking up in the internet
15: Werewolf clans struggling for control during the Russian Civil War
16: Fascist zombie troopers in the battle for the Reich
17: A tome descriping the path to Atlantis
18: Street punks against insect men
19: Alien mimic in Napoleons France
20: Vengeful dead in the ruins of Dresden