Saturday, 9 March 2013

Well crafted weapons and armour

These tables can be used in a few different ways. If the characters find weapons or armour in a treasure trove, you can give a 1 in 6 chance of each item having a unique quality, determined below.
You may also permit the purchase, gifting or acquisition of unique weapons and armour in the campaign. Such should generally cost at least triple the normal cost, and must often be specially acquired.
An item with 2 qualities must be obtained through a unique experience in the campaign and would be worth 10 times the normal cost.

Such an "exceptional" piece of equipment will have a random trait generated below. A fighter that rolls equal or below his experience level on 1D20 can identify the trait before using the weapon.

Melee weapons:
1: Penetrating. +1 to hit
2: Excellent grip. Will never drop or lose weapon.
3: Impact. Reroll any damage dice that score a 1
4: Durable. Will survive one incident that would break the weapon.
5: Light. Can be swung quickly for initiative purposes (for example, winning a tie)
6: Balanced. Can be thrown up to 10 feet (or 5 feet further if already thrown)

Missile weapons:
1: Accurate. +1 to hit
2: Durable. Will survive one incident that would break weapon.
3: Powerful. Extend each range interval by 10%
4: Comfortable reload. Every 2 rounds of fire, an extra attack may be made.
5: Quick. Can be reloaded and aimed particularly quick
6: Easy aim. Increase short range by 20%, but other range intervals remain the same

1: Light. Weight reduced by 10%
2: Muted noise. Somewhat less noisy
3: Flexible. Can be donned and doffed very quickly
4: Durable. Can survive one incident that would damage the armour
5: Perfect fit. Can avoid drawbacks that would normally apply. (such as obscured vision)
6: Insulating. +1 to saving throws against physical threats

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