Sunday, 10 March 2013

Unusual starting items

Character items of unusual import:
A character may begin the game with an item that is unusually or particularly useful, well made or simply “lucky”. Roll once on the below table.

1 10 feet of unusually strong rope
2 Particularly warm cloak
3 Trustworthy flint and steel
4 10 finely made projectiles (+10% range)
5 Set of clothes that rarely gets dirty
6 10 sheets of paper that seem to stay dry
7 Boots that don't wear out
8 Very shiny mirror 
9 Quite spacious backpack 
10 Actual lucky dice 
11 Liquid proof gloves
12 Weather proof tent
13 Time keeping device
14 Magnifying glass
15 Universal key (15% chance to work)
16 World map
17 Sturdy weapon (wont break or rust)
18 Oddly clever small pet
19 Lantern made from sturdy glass
20 Excellent spices for food