Monday, 25 March 2013

Three sample deities. The pantheon of Northrock

These tables were used to generate the deities.

The cold wasteland of the Northrocks breed hardy people. It also has it's own religious traditions quite unlike those of the mainland proper.

In the main village of Harmut, people tend to follow Siegrund, the goddess of the wind. (Wealth, Benign, Doctrinaire, Be truthful, origins disputed)
She is a goddess of wealth, fortune and income, followed by those who seek material wealth.
Followers tend to observe a fairly specific set of rituals, with the belief that honesty, truth and openness brings material rewards. This has helped Harmut traders be well liked outside the Northrocks as they can always be depended upon to bargain in good faith (literally).

There's a variety of stories about her origins, the most common being that she simply formed out of the winds. Strong winds are considered a force of life in the Rocks, due to the heavy reliance on sailing ships for trade and exploration. Some feel the goddess created the rocks to give the most honest of her servants a base from which to bring wealth back to the tribes.
Under this guise, even some warriors follow her ways.

Some of the older tribes tend to revere Ranwulf (Agriculture, Egalitarian, organized, avoid individuals, elemental). Portrayed as a swirling mass of pure life force, drawing upon the power of the Earth, Ranwulf gives life to those who follow his dictates. Men of the Earth as they tend to call themselves are fierce believers in equality, holding that to exalt one man above another does injury to the Earth itself, as all men are equal compared to the vast greatness of the Earth.
Those would seek to oppress and enslave should be opposed, but Men of the Earth tend to prefer avoiding such individuals, feeling that they are better ostracized than confronted aggressively.

In the shadows, there are still remnants of the ancient cult of Zorzek. (Balance, Harsh, Informal, avoid foods, born from dead deity). Zorzek the Scales is the relentless bringer of equilibrium. In ages past, he was Tarmal the destroyer but in the God Wars, Tarmal was slain by the demon boar, and Zorzek rose from the ashes.
Where there is a great threat to the foundations of reality, his servants come out of the shadows, bearing their swords. Until then, his worship is somewhat secluded, each man serving the balance in his own ways.
They tend to avoid the eating of meat, believing it to be improper, as man was permanently elevated above animals in divine times.