Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Woodsman. A LL compatible class

Woodsman (Thief)
Prime requisite: DEX
Hit dice: D6
Advances as: Thief
Attacks as: Thief
Saves as: Thief
Weapons permitted: Bow, sling, thrown weapons, one handed melee weapons.
Armour permitted: Leather
Magical items permitted: Any permitted to fighters, as well as any item related to stealth

After 3 days of tracking the beast, the hunt was finally coming to an end. Moving quietly closer, she knocked an arrow she had carved just for the purpose.

Distinct from the ranger, the woodsman is more of a survivor than a warrior, at home in the wilderness and amongst the beasts.

At home in the wild: When travelling, a woodsman can forage for food on a D6 roll of 1-2, finding 1D3 rations worth of food. If spending the day in one location hunting, the chance goes up to 1-4, and D6 rations are found, but a wandering monster check must be made.

Born with a bow: Woodsmen have a unique relationship with their bow, as a lack of care leads to a lack of food. Woodsmen start the game with a bow that provides a +1 bonus to hit, only when used by the woodsman himself. If the bow is lost, the woodsman can replace it in a week, if he has access to the woods.
At the beginning of an adventure, a woodsman always has at least 20 arrows. He only needs to pay for arrows if he wants to carry more than that.

Move like the wolf: When moving in the wilderness, woodsmen move 20% faster than their encumbrance would indicate. They may move silent and hide in shadows as a thief of the same level. In urban or underground surroundings, they can still use their stealth abilities, but count as being one level lower.

Sense of danger: Due to their keen senses, the chance of any party being surprised if they include a woodsman is reduced by 1 (usually only occurring on a D6 roll of 1 then). In the wilderness, woodsmen are never themselves surprised, but their party may be.

Hunt down: If the woodsman attacks a target from a hidden position, using a bow or thrown weapon, he may add +4 to his attack roll, and if hit, the target must make a saving throw against Paralysis or be stunned for 2 rounds.