Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Leader. LL compatible class

Leader (Fighter)
Prime requisite: CHA
Hit dice: D6
Advances as: Fighter
Attacks as: Fighter
Saves as: Fighter
Weapons permitted: All single handed weapons.
Armour permitted: All.
Magical items permitted: Any permitted to fighters.

Forward friends!” she screamed. Across the muddy field she saw tired, weary men rise from the ground, clutch their weapons and shuffle into ranks. They looked at her expectantly. She simply raised her sword, and once more the battle cry of the last free men echoed through the valley.

Some heroes seem to have a natural knack for getting people to follow them. Sometimes this is raw charisma, other times it's a natural purity of conviction or simply a way of being in the right place at the right time.

Well spoken: When selecting this class, the character's Charisma score is raised by +1 from it's original value. This is raised by another +1 at level 9. These bonuses cannot raise the score above 18.

Recruiting: When rolling for reactions from perspective henchmen or hirelings, the leader may apply a +1 modifier to the roll.

Follow into hell: As long as the leader is alive and participating in the encounter, his henchmen receive +2 to morale. All other henchmen in the same party receive +1.

People skills: The total number of henchmen permitted to a leader is raised by 3. In addition, he always receives a 10% discount on any wages he must pay to hirelings.

Motivational speech: By taking a turn to inspire the party, the leader may restore 1D3 hit points to every member. This can only be done once per week.