Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sidequest table

A feature of computer RPG's is the sidequest: Little tasks that various NPC's will want done in return for a reward in experience points, items, gold or just reputation and good feeling.

If you are spicing up an area of your game world, you can use this table to throw in a few side quests here and there. A bit of imagination is of course required to position these things in the game world.

If the characters spend an extended period of time in an area, you can set a random chance of side quests appearing at given intervals. An option might be a 1 in 6 chance per week or similar. These could be assigned to a random contact of the group, or simply be from people encountered.

1: Fetch an item (known location)
2: Find an item (location unknown)
3: Clear out monster infestation
4: Deliver a message
5: Kill someone
6: Find someone's whereabouts
7: Deliver an item
8: Help build something
9: Heal or cure someone
10: Safeguard an item
11: Find information
12: Guard an area
13: Explore an area
14: Steal an item
15: Break something
16: Spy on someone
17: Pretend to be someone
18: Threaten someone
19: Pretend to carry out random side quest (roll again)
20: Combine two side quests (roll again)