Friday, 22 March 2013

Random deity generator

If you need a random deity for your cleric, cult, village, temple or similar, you can roll up a few "areas of interest" on the following table.
A deity will usually have 1 or 2 areas of interest. More would be unusual.

Area of interest:
1: Luck
2: Agriculture
3: Animals
4: Wealth
5: War
6: Exploration
7: Relationships
8: Deception
9: Truth
10: Building
11: Health
12: Natural forces
13: Chaos
14: Law
15: Balance
16: Knowledge
17: Specific race
18: Specific culture
19: Willpower
20: Corruption

Different deities have different views on their mortal charges and followers. For a specific deity, this can be determined as follows.
In some campaigns, this may manifest itself in clerical magic, divine agents and so forth, it may be a typical trait of the followers or it may simply be how people view the deity.
Divine attributes:
1: Benign
2: Meritocratic
3: Compassionate
4: Disinterested
5: Exacting
6: Harsh
7: Ruthless
8: Impersonal
9: Erratic
10: Subtle
11: Inquisitive
12: Penitent
13: Forgiving
14: Demanding
15: Egalitarian
16: Treacherous
17: Unaware
18: Alien
19: Direct
20: Jealous

To determine the type of organization the deity tends to have, roll below.
Religious structure:
1: Wandering preachers
2: Small temples
3: Informal faith
4: Organized church
5: Secretive cult
6: Bureaucratic force
7: Local variations
8: Strictly doctrinaire
9: Individualist
10: Militant order

A true follower must obey certain requirements, as determined below. Generate 1-2.
Strictures on followers:
1: Live modestly
2: Humility
3: Extravagance
4: Protect the weak
5: Exalt success
6: Convert unbelievers
7: Set good examples
8: Avoid certain foods
9: Seek out certain foods
10: Daily rituals
11: Avoid certain individuals
12: Master certain craft
13: Be generous
14: Tithe
15: Chastity
16: Defend the faith aggressively
17: Be truthful
18: Dress in specific manner
19: Set lifegoals
20: Live by chance

Every deity came about in a different way.
Divine origins:
1: Ascended mortal
2: Alternate plane of reality
3: Elemental power
4: Predates time itself
5: Grew from the earth
6: Primal force
7: Descendant of another deity
8: Dead deity
9: Demi-god
10: Unknown origins
11: Created by another deity
12: Archetype of animal or concept
13: Born from remains of dead deity
14: Godlike being, rather than actual deity.
15: Reflection of another deity
16: Opposite of another deity
17: Two deities merged together
18: Answered a call for help
19: Origins disputed
20: Origins considered irrelevant

If the deity has a specific alignment, it can be determined randomly using an appropriate dice roll. Of course, certain results above may indicate (or discourage) certain alignments, but don't be afraid to ask interesting questions. What would a lawful deity of corruption look like? What about an evil deity that demands it's followers safeguard the weak?