Monday, 11 March 2013

Post-combat consequences

The battle is over, and the character's assess their situation. Roll for each character that participated in at least one round of combat. On a D6 roll of 1-2, the character is subject to a post-combat consequence.

1: Weapon damaged. -1 to hit until repaired, which will take at least an hour, and require appropriate tools. If not using skills, all fighters and dwarves can repair.
2: Armour damaged. 1 point reduction in defenses. Must be repaired, using above guidelines
3: Equipment dropped. Backpack contents scattered all over the battle area. Takes a turn to gather everything.
4: Winded. Until a turn of rest is taken, character is -1 to all attack rolls.
5: Shaken. The character has a loss of confidence. They are -1 to all saving throws for the remainder of the day.
6: Bleeding wound. Character will lose 1D3 hit points unless subjected to healing, or the party rests for 1 turn immediately.
7: Inspired. Character regains 1D3 hit points.
8: Learned a lesson. Character receives a special bonus of 10 experience points per character level.
9: Observed the enemy. If the character fights the same race of enemies again in this adventure (dungeon level), they receive +1 to attack rolls.
10: Loss of item. A random consumable item (potions, scrolls) was destroyed in the fighting.

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