Sunday, 24 March 2013

Percentile resolution systems: 1

Apologies for the lack of a post yesterday. We'll do a double today.

Percentile resolution system:
When attempting a task that requires a dice roll, and does not have an established system, this resolution system can be utilized instead.
The DM must determine which ability score is most directly applicable to the task, and whether the task is one that is considered natural to the characters class, race or background.

The basic chance of success is calculated as the ability score x 3%. For example, an Intelligence score of 15 would give a 45% base chance for tasks relating to intelligence.

Experience brings confidence and knowledge, therefore add experience level x 2%.

If the task falls under the characters race, or character background/secondary profession, add +10%
If the task falls under the characters class, add +20%

Bonuses from race, background and class are not cumulative. Only the highest is applied.

Example: A fighter is attempting to fix a broken shield. The DM rules that it's relevant to his class, and is based on Dexterity. The fighter is level 4, and has a 13 Dexterity, giving him a chance of:
Dexterity 13 x 3 39%
Experience 4 x 2 8%
Class 20 20%

For a total success rate of 87%.

Note that if using this system, players should record their success chances next to each ability score for quick reference. Make sure to include the experience level bonus.