Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Morale failure table

Want a bit of randomness when a monster or henchman fails a morale check? Well, here you go!

1: Flee in a panic
2: Hasty retreat
3: Orderly withdrawal
4: Negotiate
5: Bribe
6: Surrender

1: Flee
2-3: Retreat
4: Withdraw
5: Turn traitor
6: Desert, never to be seen again

1: Flee
2-3: Retreat
4-6: Withdraw

This assumes that henchmen are generally made of sterner stuff than your average hireling. Surrendered (and possibly negotiating) monsters might end up as potential hirelings of the party, though they may not be very trustworthy.
Unintelligent creatures will treat negotiate and bribe results as generally ceasing attacking.

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