Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Location and character event tables

When the players are becoming used to an area in the game world, it's important to make it feel alive. The world around us changes all the time, and the game world should be no different.

These event tables can be used to spice things up. The urban location table can be used for most "home base" locations such as villages, keeps, outposts and even larger cities.
The region table can be used for a larger area of land, such as a domain, fiefdom or kingdom.
Frequency of rolls can be determined by the GM, rolling once per week, once per month, or simply once per adventure. Another option is to test whenever the characters "return to civilization" from one quest or another.
If you want more randomness, or if the character's frequently travel and you want to avoid getting overwhelmed, you can give a basic 3 in 6 (50%) chance of an event happening. This chance could be reduced further.

The character events are intended as additional spice, role playing opportunities and plot hooks. Whenever events are checked, each character has a 1 in 6 chance of an event occurring to them.

Urban locations:
1: Bad weather
2: Excellent weather
3: Someone goes missing
4: Animals terrorizing locals
5: A new faction emerges
6: A new conflict emerges
7: Group makes a new contact
8: Change of leadership. Popular
9: Change of leadership. Unpopular
10: Crime spree
11: Festival
12: Construction project
13: Militia/Guard drill
14: Raid
15: Spread of sickness
16: Monster threat
17: Natural disaster (fire, flood, earthquake)
18: Magical disaster
19: Unexplained events
20: Newcomers/migrants

1: Change of leadership. Popular
2: Change of leadership. Unpopular
3: Threat of civil war
4: Threat of external war
5: Area overrun by monsters
6: Bad harvests
7: Disease epidemic
8: Uprising
9: New religion
10: Regional tournament or competition
11: Natural disaster
12: Political struggle
13: Unexplored region discovered
14: Time of prosperity
15: New resource located
16: Unusually early change in seasons
17: Time of peace
18: Regional faction in multiple locations
19: Regional faction weakens
20: Regional faction strengthens

Character events:
1: Someone delivers a message
2: Meets an old friend
3: Meets an old rival
4: Catches a minor disease
5: Makes a local friend
6: Makes a local rival
7: Makes small sum of money
8: Befriend animal
9: See a crime
10: Hear a rumour
11: Offered a job
12: Someone asks for help
13: Victim of a crime
14: A friend is in trouble
15: Mysterious event
16: Omen
17: Learn something interesting
18: See a strange creature
19: Offered a strange item
20: Information about an adventure location