Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Injury recovery

This table can be used any time there's a question of a character recovering from injuries. Examples may include injuries sustained from critical hits, ailments the character has suffered, diseases and characters who have been incapacitated (for example through being reduced to 0 hit points).

1: Must receive rare magical or divine aid of a significant degree to recover.
2-3: Must receive specialist medical attention to recover.
4-6: Recovery time of 1D8 weeks
7-9: Recovery time of 1D4 weeks
10-13: Recovery time of 3D6 days
14-16:Recovery time of 1D6 days
17: Recovery time of 2D6 hours
18: Recovery time of 1D6 hours
19: Recovery time of 1D6 turns
20: Miraculously recovers in 1 turn

This can result in a minor injury lingering for an extremely long time, while a seemingly terrifying wound may in fact have looked far worse than it really was.
DM's may determine whether or not magical aid will speed up recovery times.

Possible modifiers: Particularly serious injuries are -1 on the table, while minor injuries are +1.
Characters with high constitution scores are +1, while low constitution scores are -1 (I use 8 and 13 as indicators of low and high respectively, but you can vary this as desired)

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