Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hit point recovery revisited

If a game uses critical hits, injuries and similar options, such as those presented herehere and here, the game may be getting rather dangerous. To balance things, and to take into account that hit points are as much energy reserves, morale and determination as physical damage (hence why magic users increase in hit points too), you may want to change the healing rates.

Here's a suggestion:

Winning a battle: Recover 1 hit point immediately (the boost in morale from being a survivor)
Nights rest in dungeon or wilderness: Recover 1 hit point per experience level. Multi class types use their highest level.
2-3 days rest in civilization with no real actions taken: Recover all hit points completely.

Specific injuries and ailments must still be healed normally, such as using the rules presented here

How do you handle healing in your game?
If you use criticals, does that affect your healing rules?