Monday, 4 March 2013

Deadly critical hits

As a counterpart to the "non-deadly" critical hit system presented previously some group may desire critical hits that are far more decisive. This can work well in a more "gritty" game, or a game where the group feels that a characters hit points primarily reflects luck, defensive ability and divine providence, all of which can be short circuited.

As an option, if another injury system is not used (such as the one presented here or here), a character reduced to 0 hit points may simply suffer a critical from this table.

1: Random limb useless until healed.
2: Character bleeding. Lose 1 hit point per round, until healed or bandaged (3 rounds but does not bleed while being bandaged)
3: Weapon destroyed
4: Knocked unconscious for remainder of battle.
5: Incapacitated and requires a days rest before recovered
6: Character slain outright.

These criticals have a far greater potential to end a fight early for a combatant, and as such, will produce combat that is more dramatic, unpredictable and frightening.

Did you grow up with Rolemaster or Warhammer too? Leave a comment if you like brutal criticals.