Monday, 18 March 2013

City plot generator (Fantasy Europe and others)

For urban based campaigns, as may often be common in Fantasy Europe, here are some tables to help you generate interesting stuff for the players to get stuck in. Whether used in a "random wander" game, or as inspiration for a DM needing a kickstart, I hope you find it of interest.

Don't be discouraged if you end up with a really strange result. Take it and run with it!

Factions of note: 
Roll a few times to establish who the movers and shakers are. For a major metropolis, you could go as far as 4 or 5.
1: City government
2: Merchant or craft guild
3: Military force
4: Church
5: Cult
6: Citizens movement
7: Bandits or outlaws
8: Noble
9: Philosophical movement
10: Presence of outsiders

Roll once or more to establish what conflicts are currently ongoing. For a major area in the game, you'll want multiple conflicts to make the place seem alive. Most of these results will require one or more random factions to be generated.
1: Random faction subject to internal corruption
2: Random faction hugely unpopular with population
3: Tension and rivalry between 2 factions
4: Random faction run by insane leader
5: Random faction openly allied with outsiders
6: Random faction infiltrated by outsiders
7: Random faction has subverted another faction
8: Attempts to establish a new faction (roll type randomly)
9: Random faction forced underground by opposition
10: 2 factions in active conflict (overt or covert)

Useful acquaintances: 
To populate the setting further, you may want to roll up a decent number of interesting, useful people to interact with. They may be independent, or connected to an existing faction (3 in 6 chance of being independent). Acquaintances are described based on what they can provide.
1: Training
2: Knowledge
3: Guide
4: Equipment
5: Rare items
6: Social support
7: Shelter
8: Mystical
9: Ally
10: Contraband

There is a 1 in 6 chance of the character being secretly associated with a random faction.
If you need to know how a character views a given faction, you can simply roll 1D6, with a higher roll indicating more positive views or degrees of loyalty.

More will follow later, but I wanted to get this part out first