Sunday, 24 March 2013

Character background events.

Everyone has a complex history behind them. This table may be used to determine 2-3 important things that happened to the character before the game started.
Players should be encouraged to use these events to tie the adventuring party closer together.

1 Betrayed by a friend 
2 Lost love 
3 Failed in a task 
4 Fell out with family 
5 Death of someone 
6 Framed for a crime 
7 Sided with unpopular cause 
8 Lost wealth 
9 Suffered a curse 
10 War 
11 Made a great friend
12 Found love
13 Succeeded in a task
14 Strong family ties
15 Saved someone from death
16 Solved a crime or injustice
17 Championed a popular cause
18 Had a lucky break
19 Survived encounter with monster
20 Peaceful