Saturday, 30 March 2013

Champion. A LL compatible class

Champion (Cleric)
Prime requisite: WIS
Hit dice: D6
Advances as: Cleric
Attacks as: Fighter
Saves as: Cleric
Weapons permitted: 3 melee weapons selected at character creation
Armour permitted: Any
Magical items permitted: Any permitted to fighters as well as clerical scrolls.

With a defiant snarl, he struck down the icon of the lizard god. The false idol shattered in thousands of pieces, as the righteous prevailed once again. Looking around the cave, the lizard men started to fall back in disarray. Today, the gods would be proud.

The champion is a martial follower of a god or cult, spearheading their cause in often the most direct manner possible.

Divine fury: When facing followers of a hostile or opposing deity or cult, the champion inflicts +2 damage to all blows dealt in melee. However, due to his hatred, all reaction rolls with an opposing religions followers are taken at -2, if a champion is present in the group.

Bless the righteous: The champion may bless as per the spell, once per day, per level of experience.

Paragon of faith: As long as the champion follows the dictates of his faith, and tithes at least 20% of all treasure and income, he receives a +2 bonus to all saving throws, and recovers 1 hit point extra, every morning after rest and prayer.

Mentored in the rites: A champion may use clerical spell scrolls, as long as the spell level does not exceed the highest level of spell that could be cast by a cleric of the same level of experience. There is a 10% chance per casting that the gods ignore the champion and the spell fizzles.

Uncompromising: The champion may only have henchmen and followers of his own alignment, but all followers earn +1 to morale scores.